Deadly Pursuit by Lynn Hagen (ePUB)

deadly pursuit, lynn hagen

Deadly Pursuit (Willow Point #5) by Lynn Hagen – Free eBooks Download


Alwyn Pineboots was getting out of the fae realm any way he could. He was sick and tired of his father’s feud with one of the king’s guards, and that feud had finally spilled over onto him. Eoghan had found Alwyn trying to slip free and had imprisoned him. But Alwyn escaped, and found himself on the backroad of Willow Point, no shoes, no coat, and snow on the ground. Now all he had to do was make sure no one found out he was Unseelie, and Alwyn just might survive this,

Deputy Saint Delaney was shocked when he discovered the fairy. It was clear Alwyn was running from something, and Saint wanted to help. He just had no idea that the trouble his mate was running from was filled with so much magic and hatred. Eoghan was determined to his get his hands on Alwyn, no matter the cost, but Saint was just as determined to save his mate and share the rest of eternity in each other’s arms.

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