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Deadly Conflicts (Hardy Brothers Security #21) by Lily Harper Hart – Free eBooks Download


Ally Hardy and Jake Harrison are happy and in love. They’re living together, improving their house, and Jake is planning a big surprise.
A man from Ally’s past shows up out of the blue and changes all of that. Vince Dawkins shared a torrid two-month affair with Ally five years ago, but he walked out without a backward glance and his return isn’t cause for celebration in the Hardy household.

Ally’s brother James is suspicious. His relationship with Vince is just as convoluted – and combustible – as Ally’s … and not in a good way.
When Vince is drawn into a Hardy Brothers Security case, James thinks Vince is up to something nefarious. Jake readily agrees and Ally can’t decide how she feels. It doesn’t help that Vince keeps showing up – almost as if he’s following Ally from location to location – and stoking her insecurities.

You see, Ally is ready for marriage and a family. She’s worried Jake isn’t, though. For his part, Jake is ready for both but he wants to plan a big surprise and Ally’s questions are throwing him for a loop and making him nervous.

When the truth finally comes out, the operation is bigger than anyone expects and Ally finds herself in a world of trouble. Can Jake and James get to her in time? And if they do, will Jake finally have the courage to ask a big question and wait for a very important answer?
Only time will tell, but the Hardy family has never been one for surrendering without a fight. This time will be no different.

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