Daughter of Aphrodite by H.P. Mallory (ePUB)

daughter Aphrodite, hp mallory

Daughter of Aphrodite (Gates of the Underworld #3) by H.P. Mallory, J.R. Rain – Free eBooks Download


The Underworld continues to spring new surprises…

After narrowly escaping Gate One of the Underworld, I find new threats and horrors facing me in Gate Two.
Led by the infamous Fallen God, Ruric, Gate Two is a land of black, onyx mountain and hordes of flying demons.
And Ruric is furious that Azhrea is dead, even though she was planning on wiping him out.
Men, right?
While I hope to defeat Ruric and move to Gate Three of the Underworld like yesterday (I am on a time crunch), I know I’m in for even more horrors.
Because Gate Three of the Underworld is lorded by the fierce Kanto, the King of Oblivion, and his level of the Underworld is a place that doesn’t so much mess with your body, but more with your head.
Take, for example, the white fog that fills the entirety of Gate Three and steals your memories as easily as it hides the deadly wraiths who live inside it.
I can only hope I survive Gates Two and Three of the Underworld so I can find out what awaits me in Gate Four.

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