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Dating Brooklyn (Naked in New York #2) by Peyton James – Free eBooks Download


When it comes to love, there are only two types of people in this world: those who believe it exists and the rest of us—the realists. All that lovey-dovey crap you feel sometimes … it’s in your head. That’s right. Hormones.
For the past five years, I’ve been dishing out dating advice to anyone who’ll listen. But if you write to Ask Adelaide expecting syrupy words or fairytale musings, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I prefer to slap you with a dose of cold, hard truth, minus the sugar. You can thank me later.
Not to be a hypocrite, of course, I follow all the rules I preach: No second dates, no sleepovers, no exceptions. One red flag and I will ding-dong ditch you faster than you can blink.
No one has better control of their heart than me.
Or so I thought …
Until Nash Evans strolls into my life all strong but silent and gorgeous as sin. The last thing I expect is for him to turn my world on end and threaten to evict me.
It turns out Nash has rules of his own, and since he’s my new landlord, I need to comply.
Except I can’t.
Background checks are not my friend. And if Nash does a little digging, he’ll discover I didn’t exist beyond five years ago. Or worse, he’ll uncover all the secrets I’ve been trying to outrun.

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