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“I just found her again after all these years, and I’ll be damned if some podunk sheriff is gonna get in my way…”

Dash Beaumont is a billionaire on the run. Seven months ago when his mother died, he left behind his company, the board room, and all of his responsibilities. He hopped onto his bike and disappeared into the back roads of America. All he wanted was to feel the thrum of a motorcycle between his legs and forget that his past ever existed.

But sometimes the past has a habit of coming back to remind you of what you’ve lost…

Ellie Granger has been stuck in Pleasant, Kansas her whole life. Now that her parents are both gone, there’s nothing keeping her there but a crushing sense of despair that things could ever get better. When a strange biker arrives in town and saves her from her abusive ex boyfriend, she can’t help but feel the stirrings of something deeper. It’s not only her fiercely burning attraction to the handsome stranger, though. Something about him isn’t what it appears to be.
Something about him seems familiar.

But Dash isn’t going to give up his secrets to anyone, and Ellie isn’t going to run away from home with a stranger, no matter how searingly attractive he is. But when the memory of a first kiss comes screaming back, she must make the most agonizing decision of her life – and choose whether to give up everything she’s known for a chance at true love

With or without her.

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