Darkness Rising: The Complete Series by R.L. Caulder (ePUB)

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Darkness Rising: The Complete Series by R.L. Caulder – Free eBooks Download


“Friends are like condoms. They protect you when things get hard.”

That’s what my five best friends said when we were younger. But that was before we found out our souls were fated and that we were destined for more.
I don’t know if there’s a condom out there that’s strong enough to protect us from what’s coming our way now.
Learning how to control new found powers should have been the hardest part of this journey, but really, that is just the tip of the iceberg.
A realm that has forsaken me for reasons that I cannot remember, is relying on me to save it.
Secrets are revealed that unravel everything I thought I knew.
A grave betrayal brings me to my knees, making me question if I can continue.
But fate has me in its claws, and it’s not letting me go.
It’s time to leave the girl I thought I was in the past, and become the queen I was always meant to be.

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