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dark wish, avery phoenix

Dark Wish (The Starlight Gods #1) by Avery Phoenix – Free eBooks Download


I always craved the taste of freedom.
Day after day, I pray to the Starlight Gods for their divine salvation in accomplishing such a tedious task.
Experiment 555 is all I am in this forbidden place of forced refuge, but it’s been deemed home for as long as I can remember. You shouldn’t be desperate to leave what is claimed to be a safe haven, but alas.
I hope to escape, even though that spark of light dims drastically with each cycle that passes.
This disappointment nags at me, haunting my psychotic mind that’s on the brink of destruction, to the point I question whether my spirits and I can survive much longer.
With no hope, all I’m left to believe is my final plea falls upon deaf ears—yet again.
Until I’m rescued by men I never knew existed.
Six Star Knights save me from my cycles of suffering with the news I’m not an experiment of the facility, but the stolen Princess of Heila.
How you’ve teased my troubled soul with your taste, but now I may have a shot at making this new life a permanent reality.
May the Starlight Gods guide me, Makoto Heart, and these fateful Star Knights to the path toward the unknown.

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