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Dark Roulette (Games We Play #3) by Lindsey Powell – Free eBooks Download


The games I play, they’re cruel.
The punishments I dole out, they cause maximum impact.
The words I speak, they’re soul-destroying.
But my place on this earth is not to make everyone think that rainbows and fairies exist.
The world turns and most people just want to turn a blind eye to the bad that surrounds them daily. But those of us that keep our eyes open, we know where the bad lurks and where the enemies live.
I grew up living in the underworld.
I am a natural born leader.
And now it’s my time to rule.
Becoming someone else’s prey isn’t an option.
And neither is love.
I pushed away the only woman I have ever felt anything for because love makes you weak.
Love makes you blind.
And I’ve barricaded my dark heart behind walls made of steel.
The only problem is, the woman in question is a part of my world too, and she’s about to make me question every thing I have tried to do to keep her away from me.
Will she be the one to own my dark soul?
Or will I end up destroying everything she thinks she knows about love?
I’m Marshall Turner, and this is my story.

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