Dark Moon Rising by Kali Argent (eBooks, ePUB, PDF, MOBI)

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Dark Moon Rising (The Revenant #2) by Kali Argent – Free eBooks Download


After taking down a pack of Ravagers and narrowly escaping the Coalition, Corporal Thea Mendez wants a shower, food, and sleep, in no particular order. Instead, she’s tasked with leading her group of rebels through a dangerous stretch of the Deadlands—a thousand miles of deserted cities crawling with half-crazed werewolves.

Sergeant Rhys Lockwood has been a prisoner of his own pack for longer than he can remember. Everything that used to matter has faded, his life narrowed to only the earthen walls of his underground cell. With no end in sight and nothing left to fight for, he’s ready to give up when hope arrives in the most unexpected form.

The night calls, the darkness awaits, and no one is safe when the full moon rises. The Purge took everything from them. Together, they’ll find the courage to take it back.

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