Dark Hunters Query by I.T. Lucas (ePUB)

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Dark Hunters Query (The Children Of The Gods #56) by I.T. Lucas – Free eBooks Download


For most of his five centuries of existence, Orion has walked the earth alone, searching for answers.
Why is he immortal?
Where did his powers come from?
Is he the only one of his kind?
When fate puts Orion face to face with the god who sired him, he learns the secret behind his immortality and that he might not be the only one.
As the goddess’s eldest daughter and a mother of thirteen, Alena deserves the title of Clan Mother just as much as Annani, but she’s not interested in honorifics. Being her mother’s companion and keeping the mischievous goddess out of trouble is a rewarding, full-time job. Lately, though, Alena’s love for her mother and the clan’s gratitude is not enough.
She craves adventure, excitement, and perhaps a true-love mate of her own.
When Alena and Orion meet, sparks fly, but they both resist the pull. Alena could never bring herself to trust the powerful compeller, and Orion could never allow himself to fall in love again.

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