Dark Fae Cursed by Heather Renee (ePUB)

dark fae cursed, heather renee

Dark Fae Cursed (Broken Court #1) by Heather Renee – Free eBooks Download


The fae king once tried to break me, but now… I’m coming for him.

After being exiled from the Fae Islands, I refused to let it stop me from being who I’ve always been: a punisher who gets what she wants. Since then, I’ve found a new start among other supernaturals and humans, enjoying life to its fullest.

That is, until a disarming, yet infuriating, fae named Finn shows up asking for my assistance. The problem? Helping him means going back to the one place I vowed to never return.

Now I must face my past and figure out a way to destroy the fae king who banished me all those years ago. But when the darkness in Finn proves to be problematic, I need to decide whether I’ll stick to my solitary ways and do things my own way…

Or just maybe it’s time to let others in, no matter the risk.

*** This is the first book in a new series featuring a crass anti-hero female lead and recommended for ages 17+ ***

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