Dark Cravings by Joel Abernathy (ePUB)

dark cravings, joel abernathy

Dark Cravings (Hunters of the Church #1) by Joel Abernathy – Free eBooks Download


The hunter will become the hunted…
I’m a monster. I’ve done things that can’t be undone. Things that can never be forgiven.
When I saw him, I thought he was an avenging angel who had come to punish my sins.
Instead, he captured me and brought me into his world of saints and hunters. Righteous predators who prey on monsters like me, using the power of the cursed blood that runs through our veins.
I’ll do whatever it takes to become one of them. I’ll give him my blood, my body, and my soul. Whatever it takes to prove to Castor that I can be more than the bloodthirsty beasts he hunts, and stand at his side as his partner.
Even if I want to be so much more than that.
When my sire comes to collect what’s his, everything I thought I knew about my monstrous nature is called into question. But it might just explain the dark cravings Castor’s touch awakens within me.

Author’s Note: Dark Cravings is the first book in Hunters of the Church, a Dark MM Paranormal Romance series. Each book follows a different couple, but the series should be read in order. Please see the author’s website for content notes.

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