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Dark Consequences (Dark Angels #2) by K. Boozer – Free eBooks Download


Good intentions often lead to unintended consequences.

With my brother finally back where he belongs, I’m free to hunt the man responsible for the death and destruction ravaging our city. Yet every time I get close, he slips through my grasp. Desperate, I take his young daughter and her mother instead, intending to use them as bait to draw the rat out of hiding. But I never anticipated falling for Lily. She believes she’s broken beyond repair, but I see a fierce lioness determined to protect her cub at any cost. She’s even willing to trust me to help her break free from the chains that have bound her for so long. If only I had stopped to consider the consequences of my actions and how they would forever change my life.

Six years ago, my life took a drastic turn when a man I trusted violated and sold me into a world where my body was nothing more than a toy to be used and abused. I gave up on the idea of a hero rescuing me long ago. Until one night, I wake up to the most beautiful pair of hazel eyes staring at me over the barrel of a gun. He offers my daughter and me a chance to escape this hell…for a price. But how can I trust a man who lives in the same dark world I want to be free of? Can he really save me, or will the consequences be more than I can bear?

Dark Consequences is book 2 in the Dark Angels trilogy. To have the best experience, readers should read the Dark Angels series in order, as each book focuses on a different couple and is interconnected.
Dark Consequences is perfect for fans of Nicole Fox and Sophie Lark.

Content Note
This book contains sexual scenes, elements of horror and abuse, and depictions of torture and death. Please see the book preview for a complete list of Trigger Warnings.

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