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dark, lacey lehotzky

Dark (A Choice of Light and Dark #3) by Lacey Lehotzky – Free eBooks Download


“Step into the darkness with me.”

I thought seeing Ruslan and Kazimir side by side would make my choice easier. Instead, I’m on a downward spiral and my trauma is seeking to tear me apart. I’ve got a lot more healing to do than I realized, and with the fate of the world resting on my shoulders, how am I supposed to make this choice?

As the new king of the Iron Realm, I need to appear ruthless and powerful to the other monarchs. But I messed up big time with Izidora, and giving her the space she needs to make her decision is killing me. As I try to strangle my own fears into submission, I have another task to focus on — breaking an alliance. Tension between the Night and Iron Realms is building with each passing day, and it will be a miracle if I don’t snap Kazimir’s neck by the end of Béke.

For months, the need to save Izidora from the Iron Fae’s clutches again consumed my every thought. But when we arrive in the Iron Realm, she’s happy and all but forgotten about me. Ruslan may have her now, but I will take back what belongs to me — and Izidora belongs to me.

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