Daring Desire by Olivia Jaymes (ePUB)

daring desire, olivia jaymes

Daring Desire (Cowboy Justice Association: Serials and Stalkers #6) by Olivia Jaymes – Free eBooks Download


Jackson Kenner is home for his high school reunion. He’s looking forward to visiting with his family and friends reminiscing about old times. He’s also looking forward to a little rest and relaxation. While he loves his job, he could use a break from murder and mayhem.
When he arrives in his hometown, he runs into one of his former classmates, Paige Stevens who has purchased the supposedly “haunted” house in town. The home was the site of a murder years ago, so it wasn’t uncommon for his friends to dare one another to go inside.
And that’s exactly what’s happened again, except this time they’re all grown up. Jackson warns his buddies that they shouldn’t go as the house has a new owner. They assure him that it will all be fine. She isn’t living there yet so it’s no big deal.
Except it all goes very wrong once they get there. The group gets separated and when Jackson goes to find the stragglers, and get them off Paige’s property, he trips over something in the dark outside.

A dead body…

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