Daredevil’s Engulfment by Ciara St James (ePUB)

dardevil's engulfment, ciara st james

Daredevil’s Engulfment (Tenillo Guardians AIMC #17) by Ciara St James – Free eBooks Download


Daredevil’s luck in finding a lady keeps hitting roadblocks. He’s tried and been beaten out by his own club brothers. Maybe it was time to give up. It’s when you least expect it that things happen, and Daredevil discovers this when a new allied club comes for another visit. Only this time, they bring women with them. Riding on the back of one of the Devil’s Regulators’ bikes is a woman who makes him sit up and pay attention. Too bad she’s already taken. Or so Daredevil assumes.

Shain is happy with her life. She has a great family, aka the Devil’s Regulators, and a job she loves. When her cousin asks her to come meet their new friends, she’s all for a long ride. What she doesn’t plan for is meeting a biker who makes her yearn for hot, steamy nights and a whole lot of naughty things. Too bad he’s a biker. She knows what most of them are like and looking for something permanent, isn’t it.
When she returns home, Daredevil can’t stop thinking of her and vice versa. When Shain runs into difficulties and dreams of Daredevil, she sees Tenillo as the perfect place to go. Shain has been wanting space to grow away from her overprotective cousin and his club. Only going to Tenillo puts her within the grasp of another overprotective alpha male. However, this one is willing to bend, and they burn for each other. It may be worth it.
Their passion is a different fire than what Shain usually fights as a firefighter. Her strong personality, dangerous job, and her ability to push boundaries with Daredevil make her the perfect woman for him. Shain thinks he’s the perfect man for her. But as the Infidels have found out time and time again, nothing is simple or easy in Tenillo.

Come take a ride with Daredevil and see how this biker is engulfed. It’s like flames burning out of control. His lady is caught in the same inferno. This is one fire they don’t want to escape.

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