Dare You, Millie Pai by Jyothi D’mello (ePUB)

dare you millie, jyothi d'mello

Dare You, Millie Pai by Jyothi D’mello – Free eBooks Download


Millie has lived an uneventful life. At 24, she’s never been kissed, never spent a night away from family, or even made new friends. A loner; a cynic of Forevers; a quitter at jobs and relationships—Millie is all that and only that.
Aditya is content with his successful and uncomplicated life. Quiet and stoic, he is a man of few words and fewer grand gestures. Aditya has never been attracted to anything trouble, until he meets Millie… the girl who is nothing but trouble.
In a SoBo nightclub, Aditya and Millie meet as strangers. It takes one unexpected dare to set the wheels of change in motion.
Millie is fascinated by Aditya, but love is an emotion she keeps at bay.
And Aditya? He wants nothing more than to unravel the enigma that Millie is.
As the walls that she has built around herself begin to crumble, Millie struggles to find courage to face the dark corners of her past and open herself to life.
Of all the emotions, embracing love becomes her biggest challenge.
Would Millie dare?

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