Dare to Fall by Brianna Remus (ePUB)

dare to fall, brianna remus

Dare to Fall (Falling for You #1) by Brianna Remus – Free eBooks Download


I had everything I’d ever wanted.
But why did it feel like it wasn’t enough?
The perfect boyfriend. The perfect friends. A straight shot to the top medical schools in the country. A one-way ticket to the perfect life.
But still, my heart ached for more.
As fate would have it, cracks began to form in the perfect facade I had shielded for so long.
Friendships soured. Love became tainted by betrayal. And the one thing I held onto – the surety of becoming a doctor – was slipping through my fingers from the chaos that swirled in my mind.
It was all falling apart and there was nothing to catch me.
Then he shot into my life, like a cosmic flare – brightening even the darkest of skies.
Unveiling the pieces of my soul I thought no longer existed.
Showing me the truth of who I really was.
But still the two sides of me battled – raging for dominance.
The world I had built for so long had fallen apart, leaving me raw and vulnerable.
I just hoped he would be enough to help me put the pieces back together again.

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