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Darcy’s Downfall (Wild Kings MC: Dander Falls #1) by Erin Osborne – Free eBooks Download


Brent ‘Crash’ Evans
Growing up in a small town, I took the first chance I had to get out. As soon as I had my diploma in hand, I joined the military. I’ve been all over the world and I still get called out from time to time even though I’m not active duty anymore. Once I got out, my mother was the only family I had left. Knowing I had to find my own path in the world, I joined the Wild Kings MC. At first, I wanted to travel and not settle down, so I was a Nomad. Now, I’ve made my home in Dander Falls and I’m now the Vice President. I’ve met the girl of my dreams and my best friend and I are ready to settle down. Can I protect my best friend and our girl? Will the nightmares that haunt me threaten to destroy everything that I’ve worked so hard to get?
Darcy Quinn
I’ve never had luck when it came to love and relationships. Growing up, my dad was the only person in my family that I loved and was treated right by. Except for an aunt that took me in when my drug addict mother couldn’t take care of me. My dad is gone, and my aunt moved away once I opened my salon. Yeah, there’s my friends that are old ladies of members of the Wild Kings MC. They have their own lives and don’t live close by. Crash and Trojan want to be there for me, but I know that it’s never going to work out between us. Can my past let me move on and learn to love? Will someone threaten to take everything away from me?
Dominic ‘Trojan’ Martin
I didn’t have an easy life growing up. My dad busted his ass as a single father and tried to provide what he could for me. Finally, he couldn’t take the pressure and responsibility and split one day while I was at school. Since I’d been taking care of myself for most of my life, I just continued as usual. Until I met a guy in the Wild Kings MC. No one knows that Pops is the one that brought me into the club and I’m going to keep it that way. He showed me guys that would become my family and have my back no matter what. In return, I have their backs since I am the Sargent At Arms. Can I be the man that my girl and best friend need me to be? Will I be able to protect them when they need it?
** Warning: Intended for persons 18 +. There may be situations that trigger a response in some individuals. Please read with caution.

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