Dangerously Tempting by Alexa L. Stephen (ePUB)

dangerously tempting, alexa l stephen

Dangerously Tempting by Alexa L. Stephen – Free eBooks Download


He was a dude in distress.
I help him get away from a woman who doesn’t want to take no for an answer, and in turn, he offers to buy me drinks. Drinks turn to more, and we end up in his hotel room.
It was supposed to be just one night, one fan-f**king-tastic night, but then I run into him on my way to work, and he’s not at all who he said he was.

It was just one night.
Then I realize she works in the building my crew is working on updating. I can’t help the excitement at the chance of seeing her again until it actually happens.
Turns out she thinks I lied because she assumed I was a businessman, but I’m not letting that deter me. I’ll make her mine, one way or another.
The only problem is that the woman she saved me from has other plans…

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