Dangerous Curves by Krysta Fox (ePUB)

dangerous curves, krysta fox

Dangerous Curves (Surprise Shifters #5) by Krysta Fox – Free eBooks Download


She’s tired of running and hopes she’s finally found a way out. He’s been sent to hunt her down but when he finally gets his hands on her, he knows he’ll never be able to let her go.

I made a mistake and trusted the wrong man. I took something from him, the only thing that would guarantee my freedom, and ran. Just when I think I’ve reached the one place where I can feel safe, the man he’s sent to track me down appears. And while I desperately need to get away, there’s something about this hunter that makes me wish I could stay with him. Is there any way I can have the life, and the love I really want, or will my past mistakes always get in the way?

When I took the job, I swore it would be my last. A quick find and locate, get the target back where she belongs, and move on with my plans. But when I finally catch sight of her in the flesh, I can’t imagine giving her up, even if it means losing everything I’ve worked for. Can I convince her to trust me and the desire burning between us, or will I lose the only thing I truly want?

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