Dangerous Curves Ahead by C.L. Cruz (ePUB)

dangerous curves ahead, cl cruz

Dangerous Curves Ahead (Blue Collar Boys #1) by C.L. Cruz – Free eBooks Download


She’s a free-spirited college student. He’s a trucker who loves those curvy backroads. He can give her a ride home, but can he also give her a happily ever after?

After my Spring Break plans fall through, I decide to go home to visit for a couple of weeks.
That means finding my way across the country with no car and no money.
Fortunately, my brother’s best friend is a truck driver who’s in town for a job.
When he offers me a ride, I can’t say no.
Not that I would want to.
Thorne Donnelly is sexy, serious, and makes my heart race.
But will our new love hit a dead end when we get off the road and back to real life?

I enjoy life on the road and never thought I would want to settle down.
But lately, it feels like something—or someone—is missing.
And that someone seems like it could be Jenna Daniels.
Once an awkward, giggly teenager, now my best friend’s little sister is all grown up.
Jenna is confident, curvy, and knows how to shift my gears.
By the time we reach our destination, I don’t want to let her go.
Will I be able to convince her (and her brother) that I’m in it for the long haul?

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