Damaged Rancher Dragon Protector by Alicia Banks (ePUB)

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Damaged Rancher Dragon Protector (Banished Midlife Dragon Shifters #4) by Alicia Banks – Free eBooks Download


Defiant rodeo barrel racer Joey Preston has gotten herself into sticky situations before. But getting involved with a cruel promoter named Percy Western, who runs a corrupt rodeo circuit takes the cake. Despite red flags in her own head, she ignores her common sense and leaves the town with the group. Her passion for protecting the horses and other animals used in the show overrides her desire to protect herself.
Joey Preston
All I want to do is take care of my responsibilities for my mother.
But the only facility good enough for my mom costs an arm and a leg, and I need money quick.
I know better than sign on with Percy Western, but sometimes desperation causes you to take a chance where none should be given.
And meeting the man of my dreams wasn’t the plan.
He makes my knees weak, and he makes me lose my focus.
But his family is more fascinated with my pendant…
Percy keeps warning me to leave Drake alone, but he won’t say why.
I’m forced to flee Percy, Drake finds me and our passion boils over in the most delicious way.
I don’t why Percy stopped at Drake’s ranch and I am suddenly being threatened for unknown reasons.
What’s happening? And why does my pendant mean so much to the Hale family?
Drake Hale
I’ve spent my life obsessing over my father’s death and feeling guilty for it.
Even though I was too young to make things different when they went down.
But I need answers, and I need the explanation that will untwist my guilt.
And then my mother invites a rodeo to put on a show at the ranch.
I have to babysit them and make sure everything goes as planned.
I hate the whole situation until I see her, the woman who ignites my soul like no one else.
But it seems she comes with a bunch of red flags that keep getting pointed out.
Some things just can’t be avoided, and it doesn’t take long to know she’s my mate, and my lover soon after that.
She’s danger and a possible threat to my family, knowingly or not.
I’ve already lost my heart, but I don’t want to lose my life.
Can I figure it out before someone is hurt? Or before Joey disappears?

Can Drake figure out why Percy is so fascinated with Joey before she gets hurt? And can they figure out the meaning of the pendant that everyone is so fascinated with? When Joey gets kidnapped, can Drake figure it all out before he loses her forever?

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