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Damaged (Dark Vampires #3) by Zara Novak – Free eBooks Download


I wake in a dark basement, wearing very little except for the chain around my ankle. My captor sits across from me, his red eyes gleaming in the shadows, shining with the threat of ferocious and uncontrollable lust. He says he’s my savior. He says I’d be dead without him. He’s probably right.
It wasn’t easy growing up in the shadow of the most powerful man in New America. I’ve spent two-decades trapped inside his golden cage. Arranged marriage is my only way out, and the new connections will bring my father the thing he wants most in this world.
War and devastation.
But then my captor comes along and turns those plans upside down. He’s a thief. A vampire, an outlaw with more enemies than friends. He’s also damned attractive and impossible to resist.
He takes me, claims me, tells me that I belong to him and no one else. It’s crazy, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s right.
My father will kill us both before I get to find out.

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