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daffodil, becca jameson

Daffodil (Roses and Thorns #5) by Becca Jameson – Free eBooks Download


Being gifted a sex slave was not how we expected to find our perfect third, but she’s here now, and she’s definitely ours…

I’m still putting the pieces of my life back together after the death of my famous parents when I’m abducted and wake up in hell. I’m a sex slave. Taunted day in and day out, I eventually violate the most important rule—I climax without permission. My punishment is severe and nearly destroys me.

My grandfather is an eccentric old geezer, but he’s outdone himself this time. He’s purchased me a woman, hoping I will become a dutiful straight grandson. He’s changed his will to ensure I marry and produce an heir. What he doesn’t realize is that I don’t want his money, and I’d never leave my partner.

I’ve been with Bridger for ten years. With the exception of his frequently meddling grandfather, we’re happy. We also know we’re not fully complete. Finding out we are now the “owners” of a victim of sex trafficking shakes our foundation. She needs our help and protection. She’s also perfect for us.
We will do anything to help her heal and keep her safe, but what isn’t she telling us? And how long can we keep her existence a secret?

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