Dad’s Italian Mafia Friend by Lena Little (ePUB)

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Dad’s Italian Mafia Friend (Dad’s Best Friend #2) by Lena Little – Free eBooks Download


This is home now, and my dad’s making sure that despite being six time zones away from our old home I’m still protected.

But there is one man he will let speak to me, who he trusts around me, and that’s our host, Matteo, his best friend.
But he barely looks at me, barely notices me.
Even though I’d never met him, before we came to Italy there was always something about Matteo.
The constant scowl that adorns his face scares off nearly everyone he passes. I’ve witnessed it first hand, seeing people practically rushing to get off the sidewalk to give him space.
He scares people, plain and simple. But something about that fear he creates, he conjures up in others so quickly, makes me feel safe.
Without even needing words he builds me up, gives me confidence, and makes me feel beautiful.
I want to give him the one gift that I can only give once in my life. To him. Only him.
But will he find me before it’s too late? And what will my dad say when he finds out I’ve fallen for his Italian mafia friend?

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