Daddy’s Tricky Little by Jess Winters (ePUB)

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Daddy’s Tricky Little (Please Me Daddies #3) by Jess Winters – Free eBooks Download


He is new to being a Daddy with a little girl, but he knows there is more to it than play. She has made her way through life manipulating everyone around her, so she never has to play by the rules…

I can’t stop thinking about Tiffany.
I think the girl is everything I’ve ever wanted.
She’s beautiful, sweet and funny.
When she bats her eyes at me and talks in her little girl voice, I feel like the world is perfect.
But there’s something about her.
She gets herself in trouble and I always help her out.
She won’t stop getting herself in trouble, and that needs to change.
It needs to change even if she hates me for it.

I can’t stop thinking about Robert!
I can’t stop… touching myself while I think about him.
Robert is handsome, strong and powerful.
He’s a new Daddy.
Like everything else about him, that’s just perfect.
That means I can make sure he’s the kind of Daddy I want, the kind that spoils me.
He’ll be the kind of Daddy who rescues me.
The kind of Daddy who takes care of me and lets me be whatever I want to be.
Can Robert find a way to be the Daddy Tiffany needs even if that’s not the Daddy Tiffany thinks she wants? Can Tiffany become willing to accept the guidance a Daddy can offer instead of just the comfort and care? Can the two of them work out a way to have a relationship that works for both?

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