Daddy’s Tempting Little Girl by Scott Wylder (ePUB)

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Daddy’s Tempting Little Girl (Mountain Daddies Little #13) by Scott Wylder – Free eBooks Download


He was her link to a wild and exciting life of abandon. She was his only draw to civilization.

It feels like Warren is a god.
A mountain god.
He’s a creature of legend and not just a man.
With a body that seems crafted from mountain granite and eyes that shine like the sky…
He’s more than just a man.
He’s a perfect man.
And for some reason he wants me.
He wants me!
How can he possibly want me when I’m just…
I don’t even know how to be a little girl and a perfect Daddy has been thrust upon me.
It can’t last.
He’ll grow bored, I know it.

I don’t understand how a little girl can be so amazing.
I never thought I would enjoy being out of the forest, off the mountain.
With Hannah, I’m happy to be anywhere.
She’s beautiful.
She’s smart as a whip.
She’s so damned kind, with goals that have everything to do with helping people.
She’s the very thing I thought civilization had lost.
I could love a girl like her.
Hell, maybe I already do.
My little girl.
My forever little girl?
It feels so strange to hope so.

Can Hannah ever believe Warren wants her just as she is? Can Warren accept that a life out of the wilderness can be a wonderful life? Is there any way the two of them can navigate the twisted mountain trail to a happily ever life they’ll love? Find out in Mountain Daddy’s Tempting Little Girl, the newest sexy installment in the exciting and romantic Mountain Daddies series.

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