Daddy’s Promiscuous Little by Jess Winters (ePUB)

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Daddy’s Promiscuous Little (Single Daddies Little Girl #10) by Jess Winters – Free eBooks Download


She’d gotten so caught up in the day-to-day that she didn’t even know what she needed. He’d figured his life out but was still missing something.

How does anyone ever know what they want?
And more importantly—how do they ever know who they want?
As an army brat, I never had a chance to put down roots, which felt fun and exciting until the curse followed me into adulthood.
Everyone around me had started falling in love, getting married, and creating families of their own.
But not me. I just couldn’t settle down.
When I least expected it, I met Sage—a kind-hearted Daddy who wasn’t looking for a Little at the time.
That didn’t stop me from wanting to know more though.
Can my energy spark his interest? Or will he be just another man passing through my life?

With my kids mostly grown and my ex-wife amicably out of the picture, my life had started calming down.
I’d taken a position as a small-town doctor after spending decades working in city emergency rooms.
I was ready to take things easy for a while, which meant catching up on old hobbies, cooking dinner more often, and staying single.
Then Britta came limping into my practice, and I started questioning everything I thought I wanted.
Can she tempt me enough to re-enter the dating scene?
Or will my resolve land me the title of the town’s most eligible bachelor?

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