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daddy's pet, celia crown

Daddy’s Pet (Villain Daddies #14) by Celia Crown – Free eBooks Download


“I don’t have a second heart for you to break.”
There aren’t lines Zeno won’t cross. His darling is a testament to that.
He loves her in his haunting, twisted ways. He did everything for her, and she only needs to accept his terrorizing control.
Zeno likes perfection with flaws; she is his perfection until she isn’t.
To everyone, he’s insanely obsessive. To her, he’s a man who loves her too much.
Her first times are his second chances.
Some things aren’t worth remembering, and he’s one of the nightmares that should stay forgotten.
He’s a walking contradiction; a consequence of his fixation.
Black specks of corruption would spread behind her eyes; riled indignant circles in her throat as acid burns with woeful sorrow.
Thief, scoundrel, villain—her voice, so familiar yet foreign, condemns him.
He’s wild and unhinged, like a monster.

WARNING: This contains sensitive material that will be triggering to some, reader discretion is advised. Emotional Manipulation, Stockholm Syndrome, Violence.

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