Daddy’s Forbidden Friend by Tamrin Banks (ePUB)

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Daddy’s Forbidden Friend (Forbidden Fruit) by Tamrin Banks – Free eBooks Download


Dalilah Raine:
Revenge is a dish best served cold. I’ve waited years to pay my father back. I’m sick of being ignored and then pulled out and dusted off when he wants to convince people he’s human and he cares….only to be brushed off like a dirty secret later.
His best friend, Heath Martinez, intrigues me but he’s always been off-limits. His dark, stormy eyes warn me to back off but I’m not listening this time. I want him and it’s a sure-fire way to grab my dad’s attention. Show up in some sleazy gossip rags as Heath’s latest.
What I didn’t consider is what to do when my heart gets involved.

Heath Martinez:
I shouldn’t want her. I haven’t seen Dalilah since she was a child. I’m too busy with my own company. When I need to scratch that itch, it’s easy to find a willing woman to warm my bed for a night.
Until I see Dalilah again and realize the only woman I want is her. She thinks it’s some kind of game to get back at her daddy. I’m not playing though. I intend to keep her. She’s mine and I don’t give a damn what anybody says.
Not even my oldest friend. I’d give up anything to have the woman who has me wrapped around her finger for the rest of my life. So when she decides to play a little game with her daddy, I decide to take that game to the next level. I’m all in and she’s not getting away from me.

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