Daddy’s Bewitching Little by Jess Winters (ePUB)

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Daddy’s Bewitching Little (Single Daddies Little Girl #9) by Jess Winters – Free eBooks Download


Beautiful Addy craved a Daddy who’d look beyond her looks and love her, quirks and all. Ezra wanted nothing more than to find a Little who could bring some sparkle back into his life.

Everyone always thought I’d marry my ex, River.
Local Daddies and Littles looked up to us as the perfect couple—attractive, kink-informed, adventurous, and successful.
We ruled the town’s hush-hush lifestyle club until he broke my heart.
After a stretch of singleness and with a trail of shallow suitors at my door, I decided to get back into the swing of things and look for another Daddy to call my own.
Will I be able to look beyond the obvious options and find someone to handle my demanding nature?
Or will I end up with one of the suitors who want me to be their trophy wife?

With my career in full swing, I took solace in my status as a professor—my comfortable house, my beautiful wife, my intelligent kids.
When my ex-wife asked for a divorce, my perfect life came crashing down, forcing me to start over in a new town with a new job and a new house.
I still had my kids, but teenagers have little use for their academic-minded father and choose to spend most of their time in the city with their mother.
I found myself alone, trying to rebuild my life from the ground up.
Will this new life of mine come with a Little to share it with?
Or will I have to navigate a new life all on my own?

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