Daddy’s Ambitious Little Girl by Jess Winters (ePUB)

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Daddy’s Ambitious Little Girl (Please Me Daddies #21) by Jess Winters – Free eBooks Download


She wants to move up in the world and I can help her.
But I won’t be a tool in her arsenal. I damned well better be one of the pilots.
I owe a lot to Joanna. She discovered me in my studio and got me the art show that suddenly put me in high demand. She’s ambitious, this little girl, and she wants me as her Daddy.
And I’m happy to oblige.
But this girl is about to learn that I don’t do anything halfway. If she’s in to be my little girl, she’s all the way in. I don’t play around with age play. As far as I’m concerned it’s a way of life, not just silly fun.
It’s that or nothing.
She’s about to learn that I don’t sit quietly on the shelf until she needs me. She’s my little girl 24/7 and I’ll be damned if we have anything else but that. I’m not above spanking that perfect little ass of hers until she can’t sit down.

Can Joanna give a hundred percent to a relationship that requires submission to her Daddy Dom? Can Kaleb convince her it’s worth her while? Find out in Please MeDaddy’s Ambitious Little Girl, the new romantic and sexy story in the always steamy and always sweet Please Me Daddies series!

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