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Growing up with the princess of Ennis East means I’m her handmaid and servant, I’m with her all day and sometimes night time too. We have been best friends since birth, and she is the only person who understands me. When her eighteenth birthday comes, it is her time to meet her future husband under the arranged marriage contract. She’s scared, and I did not volunteer to be ‘princess’ for the day to meet him.

I was delegated, very reluctant may I add, and I met with him.

I also met the King of Sosis South, Leon. A warrior at heart and body. He’s huge. He’s hard. Oh, he’s definitely hard. And he wants to marry me, and I don’t know how to tell him that I’m not royalty.
Too bad he’s not listening.


My councils have been pushing the notion of marriage onto for a while now. I do not want a wife, and never will I have a second look to those flaunting women. I have ruled my kingdom with my own iron fists, I have no remorse when I crush the hopes of many who seek my position.
Then there she was. The most beautiful forbidden fruit I have ever seen. Absolutely too young, mouthwatering ripe, and adorably shy. A little on the smaller side, but anyone next to me is a midget.

I see the way men stare at her, wanting to get their hands on that tempting little body, but she’s mine.
I just have to get rid of that pesky fiancé of hers.
I’m a better fit for that title, as her husband and baby Daddy. Crowned as King, I have the skills and experience to conquer, and that little mousy kitten is meant for me to dominate.

Here is a novel that treads on the boundaries where people will have different opinions, but this possessive King being enamored by a shy young girl might just change your mind. The Trinity Rule comes in play: insta-love, HEA, and no cheating.

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