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daddy for davina, nichole rose

Daddy for Davina (Silver Spoon After Dark) by Nichole Rose – Free eBooks Download


She never knew the forbidden could taste so sweet until she met him. Now, he’ll never let her go.

When you can have everything, the world loses its appeal.
I know because I have everything. And it means nothing.
I’ve spent half my life bored and unfulfilled.
I spend my time at The Sterling Rope, looking for something to bring me back to life.
I know exactly what I want, but I’ve never been able to find her.
Until the night I set eyes on Davina Dauphine.
Her guileless blue eyes and sweet curves drive me wild.
I’ve never wanted to spoil, pamper, and defile anyone like I do her.
She thinks I want her to be my baby girl for the night.
No. This little princess is mine for life.

Being dragged to The Sterling Rope wasn’t on my list of things to do.
Falling for a billionaire wasn’t either.
But there’s something about this one that makes me ache for things I shouldn’t.
When he growls those profane words at me, my whole world tilts on its axis.
I never knew the forbidden could be so sweet. Or that I’d want it so desperately.
But he’s my law firm’s new client…and my boss is a jerk.
When he overhears me and Micah together, he threatens to tell everyone.
I do the only thing I know to do: run to Micah.
If my boss liked his teeth, he probably shouldn’t have threatened me.
Because no one messes with Daddy’s little princess.

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