Dad Bod Dreams by Cassie Mint (ePUB)

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Dad Bod Dreams (Dad Bod 2.0: Large and in Charge) by Cassie Mint – Free eBooks Download


He’s my best friend’s dad. The man who’s hosting me for the summer.
And he stars in my most secret daydreams.
Sure, he’s a musician who plays the hottest clubs every night—but even then, Duke isn’t your average heartthrob. Instead of six pack abs, he’s got a barrel chest. When he walks, the ground trembles beneath his boots.
I don’t care. Maybe it’s not a normal college girl fantasy, but I’d give anything to feel that big belly squishing me into a bed.
Can’t let it show, though. My best friend would never understand this crush. But I need to let it out. I’m going crazy here, sleeping just a few doors down from the man I crave.
So I write it all down in my journal. All my hopes and wishes; all my forbidden desires for my best friend’s burly dad.
It’s fine. My little secret.
And he’ll never read my dad bod dreams.

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