Cyborg’s Strict Protection by Corin Cain (ePUB)

cyborg's protection, corin cain

Cyborg’s Strict Protection (Cyborg Mates #3) by Corin Cain – Free eBooks Download


I will protect the wild starlet – whether she likes it or not.

Trilana: I’ve spent my life being told what to do. My only escape is the Haunt, the hideout where stars let loose. I’m not going to let some beast of an alien cyborg stop me. He’s a machine, not a man. Late thirties. Broad, powerful, with stony skin that’s inhuman. He makes grown men look like little boys. His jaw is like an anvil, his fists hammers, his eyes gleaming with an inhuman glow. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he has some Aurelian in his DNA, the alien species infamous for their brutality, mating rage, and their absolute need to find their fated mate and tame her. Trilana, the character I’ve played for the last ten years would never be attracted to him. So why do I instinctively want to do everything he says?

Unit 5001: I’ve been linked to her since my eyes opened. One purpose. Keep her safe. I don’t care about her reputation. I don’t care about her billion-credit contract with her bosses. Her life depends on doing exactly as I say. I’m going to make certain she does. When she disrespects me and runs away up to no good… I know exactly what she needs. But when she gives me a name – I ache for something more than just protecting her. It’s utterly forbidden, but I want to claim the one I was built to guard.

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