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cutter, misha blake

Cutter (Badges of the Capital #2) by Misha Blake – Free eBooks Download


Firefighter Mason “Cutter” Carter is one of the lucky ones—he is still alive after his life nearly got claimed in a fire. For this reason, when he wakes up from a coma, Mason is ready to get back to the life he knows—or the one he thinks he knows. A life where the idea of a wife and a marriage is non-existent, but where the heart-stoppingly gorgeous brunette still haunts his nights and torments his days.
Ensley Carter-Walker puts the fire and the fighter in the term firefighter. Always strong, forever the one people would count on, Ensley has the fire in her soul and the fight in every fiber of her being. Now, more than ever, these attributes are challenged as she begins the battle of her life—fighting for Mason’s love and their marriage, while experiencing his excruciating denial to succumb to his feelings for her.
Lies are told and truths are hidden.
Secrets are harbored and emotions are triggered.
Attraction skyrockets and tension builds.
Denied temptation hangs on by a thread and blurred lines get crossed.
Mason and Ensley gamble on a chance that could bring them a thriving forever or a tragic cessation.
The present’s stakes are high when Mason can’t outrun his deceitful and well-concealed past that catches up to him, creating an uncertain future. But the price to be paid gets even steeper when Ensley proves to be the only one standing between him and his looming legacy, and her life is in danger.
A fast-ticking clock sets off and every second that clicks by wagers against the love and happily ever after they once promised to each other—a vow remarkably close that’s within reach, but so dangerously far all the same.

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