Curvy Girls Can’t Date Bad Boys by Kelsie Stelting (ePUB)

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Curvy Girls Can’t Date Bad Boys (The Curvy Girl Club #4) by Kelsie Stelting – Free eBooks Download


An arranged marriage and a bad boy who breaks all of the rules…
My father’s been planning my wedding day for longer than I have. Since I turned seventeen, he’s sent me on date after date with people from the film industry–producers, directors, actors… I’ve dated–and turned down–them all.
But Ryde Alexander is the worst. He’s vapid, self-obsessed, and it doesn’t help that his sister is evil in a pair of Louboutin heels. Too bad he’s the one my dad is determined to send me down the aisle with the day I turn eighteen.
My only escape is a food delivery boy and a motorcycle my dad would have a heart attack if I got on. But I don’t care. I need to get away, and Ronan is more than happy to take me.
But this forbidden getaway driver is starting to mean more to me than the man I’m supposed to marry.
The only problem is, I may not have a choice.

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