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What’s better than staring into the eyes of my favorite author from the back of his latest book?
Having him sign said book for me in person of course.
Nathan Cartwright is an older man, sure. But he’s a man who knows what he wants.
A recluse and subject of endless lady boner worship since his book series included a romantic edge, he’s giving his first public talk in years at a national book convention.
And I’m going!
The catch?
My dad won’t let a younger girl like me, even though I’m nineteen now, travel alone.
Some BS about having to have a chaperone, his friend from work, Marie.
But the fates have plans thicker and more complex than Nathan Cartwright’s pant bulge.
There’s a mix up with our rooms and an even bigger mix up when I find myself all alone with the man himself.
Wondering if the man who knows what he wants has needs, desires, and urges that extend to younger, slightly thick, but very willing girls?
I can’t wait to find out.


It could ruin my career. That’s what my agent said, so I fired him.
I went out on my own and noticing the growing number of romance lovers as well as my regular readers, I figured why not?
The main character in my long running series isn’t getting any younger, and neither am I.
He’s grappling with the one thing I know now that I’ve missed out on for most of my life: Love.
What’s the point of being rich, famous, and set for life if it’s a one man show?
There’s more to life than just success, and I intend to find her. Whoever and wherever she is.
And I won’t find the one by holing myself up in mansions or first class suites writing books about it.
I need to get out there and find her.
It’s my first major public appearance in years, and the last place I expect to find her is in the foyer of the hotel that hasn’t even realized that I booked my room under an assumed name.
I thought all famous people did that?
But there she is, and it makes perfect sense the way things have panned out.
Until she’s gone again.
I have to find her.
And more than that, I have to make her mine.
Before anyone else gets their hands on what I know is rightfully mine.
Whatever the cost.
I have to write our happily ever after.

*Curves, He Wrote is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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