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Cursed Wolf (Wolves of Sunny Rock #3) by Kayla Wolf – Free eBooks Download


Grumpiness at first sight. That’s what I would call meeting my next door neighbor.
He is a cursed wolf. I know it because of the glowing scar that runs across his face.
I know it because the witch inside of me is already dreaming up potions to heal him.
I know it because the prophecy predicted that I would find someone like him.
Cursed wolves are beasts with primal needs, to hunt, to kill, to mate.
And something about my scent is triggering his darkest instincts.
There are moments when his eyes tell me that he wants to rip me to shreds.
There are moments when I have to hide from him, which is difficult when he’s next door.
Strangely, I am not afraid of him. Instead, I feel attracted to him even when he rejects me.
I want to kiss his lips, worship his body, and caress his scarred face.
But it doesn’t matter how much I want him. Cursed wolves are dangerous.
He let me go one time, but what about another time? Will he kill me then?
Or can I find the perfect potion that sets my mate free?

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