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cursed king, moira wolf

Cursed King (Dark Court of the Fae #1) by Moira Wolf – Free eBooks Download


A Cursed King. . .
Lachlan’s curse makes him a monster to mortals and unable to claim the High Throne of the Fae. But now that the Fae have retaken the mortal realm, he can no longer stay to the shadows he loves so well. He must break his curse and claim his crown before his most dangerous enemy, Lugh, takes the throne. There’s just one catch. The only way is through a mortal woman. And he has sworn off mortal women. . . But this one. . . This one just might be the unthinkable. . .

His mate. . .
Eve Keller is death in combat boots. Any Fae in her way? Has to pay the price. And a cocktail of special potions gives her immunity to the deliciously deadly Fae who plan to crush the mortal world. And she? She knows how serious they are. All Eve’s friends have already lost their lives to the Fae and she refuses to go down without killing the Fae responsible, the High Councilor Lugh. So, when a gorgeous, impossible, and down right terrifying High Fae offers her a deal. . . There’s only thing to say. Yassssss. After all, she’s already seen death.

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