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cursed heritage, emilia hartley

Cursed Heritage (The Arcana Pack Chronicles #14) by Emilia Hartley – Free eBooks Download


I used to be somebody else.
I’m not talking about picking up a new haircut and new attitude at college.
I mean I was a completely different person.
Before I was born (reborn?) as Ivy, I was Beryl, Queen of the Unseelie Court in Lakesedge—and the natiest piece of work anyone had ever seen.
That’s saying a lot when the local Pack leader in those days was a serial-killing psychopath.
I’m completely different now—acording do my parents and my best friend (and crush) Holden.
But my past still causes problems for me.
Uncontrollable explosions of arcana.
Scary looking fae sneaking up and trying to knife me in the street.
That kind of thing.
Oh, and Holden’s mother, who is also one of his Pack leaders, is sending him to the other side of the country to get him away from me.
Holden says we’re adults, and what his mom wants doesn’t matter.
The thing is, I’m starting to remember the old me.
The blood.
The joy I took in hurting people.
And I’m beginning to think Holden’s mom is right.
He’s not safe around me, even if we stay best friends.
Wish I could stop wanting more.

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