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cursed, charlene hartnady

Cursed (Becoming the Demon Queen #1) by Charlene Hartnady, BE Brouillard – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been told I’m a demon, but that can’t be right!

My life is turned on its head one morning. It starts off as any normal morning would. A day like any other. Except, I sprout wings. Yep, wings…as in feathers.
From there, things really get a little crazy. I suddenly don’t need my thick glasses to see anymore. Other things about me change, too. Then two guys show up at my door.
Two sexy guys. I take one look at them and my eyes bug out and my mouth falls open for a hot minute. Holy moly!
They start fighting over me. Me? I can hardly believe it. Then they tell me what I am. What I’m capable of doing. They tell me I’m one of their kind and that I’m changing…evolving into something more. I’m not human! They say that I’ll learn how to use my wings and how to shift into my demon form. That I’ll be super powerful.
I also learn that there are other supernatural creatures who will start to pick up on my energy soon. They’ll come after me. I need to get a grip on my powers ASAP. Then I’ll need to choose between the two of them and leave this realm.
Did I mention that they are both princes? As in royalty? And that I find them just as sexy in their demon form as in their human ones? Both of them! What’s wrong with me? I won’t be able to choose. I’m not even sure I want to leave. This is my home!
I am told that I will have to go or pay the consequences. The problem is that I don’t trust them. I sense that they are both keeping something from me. But after all they’ve already unveiled, what could possibly be worse?

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