Curse of the Flower Moon by Patricia Logan (ePUB)

curse of flower moon, patricia logan

Curse of the Flower Moon (Prosper Woods Wolves #2) by Patricia Logan – Free eBooks Download


I’m worried about Emory.
War is coming to Prosper Woods and I would do anything to prevent it.The last thing I planned was to start a war but when I rejected Penelope McCurdy, breaking our betrothal, I should have known her father, clan leader Alistair McCurdy wouldn’t let it go. He’s promised to wipe out my clan and kill everyone I’ve ever loved but I won’t let that happen. Most of all, I’m not about to let anyone harm Emory, my precious mate. I’d lay down my life to protect him.

I’m worried about Caster.
Mother Nature has blessed me with a beautiful man but ever since our mating, our home in Prosper Woods hasn’t felt safe. I know Caster loves me and though he doesn’t show any outward signs of concern, even I can sense Alistair McCurdy’s threats are eating away at him. The last thing I want to do is to distract him from what he and our allies are planning. When tragedy suddenly strikes our happy home, we both realize we’re much more vulnerable than we thought.
The world as we know it may be ending.

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