Cupid’s Pack by Kelsey Gamble (ePUB)

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Cupid’s Pack (Heart Stone Mates #1) by Kelsey Gamble – Free eBooks Download


“Cupid is the hand of fate.”
Cupid’s Pack has always served one purpose: Protect the purity of mate bonds.
But when my own fated mate turns out to be an unbearable prick, I tarnish my mother’s perfect record. As the Luna of Cupid’s Pack, she’s never allowed one of our own to live unmated… And she has no intention of making an exception for me.
When I choose to reject my mate, I seal my fate as an outcast.
I have no business being part of a pack known for love bonds when I don’t understand what love really is. I pack up the precious stone my father gave me for my eighteenth birthday and go rogue, determined to find answers for myself.
My Heart Stone leads me far from home, and it brings something unexpected. Mate bonds. Five distinct bonds that defy the rules shifters have always lived by. All five of my new mates are ready to mark our bonds, but nothing prepared me to make a choice like this.
What if our fates aren’t sealed after all?

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