Cuffing and Turkey Stuffing by C.M. Kars (ePUB)

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Cuffing and Turkey Stuffing (Cuffing Season #2) by C.M. Kars – Free eBooks Download


A burned-out gamer used to winning finds herself losing the ongoing battle with her feelings about her next-door neighbor.
Vick Prewitt is the main character in her online domain, and is used to winning. In reality though, she’s burned out, she isn’t eating right nor sleeping enough to maintain her grueling training schedule. She finally comes to the decision to take a break from her online persona and address her health after passing out – yet again – in front of her gorgeous next-door neighbor.
Michael Nash is strong, can probably bench press her and most likely gets a solid eight hours of sleep a night. Not in a million years would Vick have thought a guy like Michael would be interested in her anti-social personality, and her complete lack of skills in the dating department.
As the two get closer and closer, Vick has to learn to let Michael into her life. With so much of her life lived online, the real world is scary enough, even without trying to be Michael’s girlfriend.
Can Vick figure out how to win at real life too, and get the guy and a happily ever after?

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