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cuffed by love, shayla hart

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Mira Evans
Devin King, my first—well, everything.
They say you never forget your first. Whoever said that was right because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get him out of my head or my heart. I foolishly thought my heart wouldn’t miss what it couldn’t see, but I was wrong because I never forgot, not for one moment.
You’re not supposed to kiss your best friend. You’re not supposed to give your virginities to one another, either—but we did. We were kids, teenagers, full of hormones and mixed emotions, but it felt right. He was the first boy to kiss me, the first boy to touch me and taste me in a way only a lover would.
“Say you want to be mine….” He whispered while I shook in his arms. And I did.
And then he wrecked me.
After I trusted him and gave myself to him, he disappeared, left me naked in my bed, the scent of him still lingering on my skin, the taste of kiss still fresh on my lips. He left me after the amazing night we shared after we became one another’s and disappeared without a word. I didn’t hear from him for almost ten years. Until one day, out of the blue, he pops up like a nasty rash as the newly appointed CEO of our firm. Our fathers are best friends, and they went into business together when we were kids, and now Evans and King is a renowned global brand.
Was I shocked to see him standing in the office after a decade? Yes. Did I almost faint? Hell yes. My panties may have melted a little when he smiled right at me, but he wouldn’t ever know that—because I hated him.
But here I am, the VP of an established publication firm standing in the CEO’s office handcuffed to the pompous jerk face.
Why are we handcuffed, you ask? Well, that is a funny story…

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