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Welcome to Cuervo’s Carnival. Come for the thrills…leave if you dare.
I was born already dead. Heiress to a destiny I never chose. Plagued with a path that was never mine to take. If I had my way, I’d run down the path less traveled leading me to them. The rebels, the freaks, the Cuervo’s. My heart belongs to not one, but two. Their shadows are my refuge, their touch my kryptonite. If loving them is wrong, I have no interest in being right. My life started the day they saved me from my fate. There is nothing I want more than to live in the horror of their reality.
Paxton & Cillian
She is ours. Our queen of sorrows, our ticket into the fiery abyss. We were told to resist her. Told to ignore the desire she has poisoned us with. But we are fiends for her touch. There isn’t a part of her we haven’t explored, together. There isn’t a price we won’t pay to keep her where she belongs…with us. The days of her belonging to anyone else will be, nevermore.

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