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Crushin’ Candy (I Love Candy #1) by Maddison Cole – Free eBooks Download


So damn sweet, I cause cavities.

S’up? I’m Candy. Excuse the name. The old walking womb was a stripper back in her prime and I was a client gone wrong. She thought after years of group homes and rejection, I’d run back into her arms and join the family business. No thanks. The only circles I run in are the ones my bubblegum bubbles make. Don’t worry about my teeth though, sugar-free as always. I’m not a complete psycho. Oh except for my passive-aggressive, potty-mouthed, imaginary best friend who happens to be a gummy bear. That part is pretty nuts.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself, doing whatever the hell I wanted until a group of model-worthy bikers try to muscle in on my heist. They don’t seem to realise those with barely any personal belongings tend to grow protective of what’s theirs, and by taking one of my beloved possessions, they’ve signed their own death warrants. Fooling them with my sickly sweet smile, I’ll slip past their defences and claim back what’s rightfully mine, no matter the cost. Despite how hard they try, I won’t be deterred from my new mission. Putting bullies back in their place when no one else can. I’ve got you in my sights now boys, and no one screws over Candy Crystal twice. P.S, yeah, the stripper name game is on point.

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